Digital Asset investment company


Discover the value, Lead the future

In this new revolutionary era, we are now experiencing drastic changes in the economic structure triggered by the birth of thousands of digital assets. Our approach is to deep-dive into the fundamental value of each digital asset by analyzing its qualitative factors such as philosophy, ecosystem, creators, and technological advancements.

Excavating the projects that can organically grow with their fundamental values, and actively involve in the projects as one founding member to fill in the missing parts of the projects.


  • Conduct a Project Selection

    We select deals based on our own Top-down approaches by categories

  • Issue a one-pager report

    We review official information including white paper, team members and basic technology

  • Make decision for in-depth research

    We initiate internal discussion and face-to face project meeting to make first decision

  • Report a final analysis report

    We proceed with In-depth Tech Analysis, Industry Analysis, and Competitor Comparison Analysis

  • Make final decision and investment amount

    We hold Investment Committee with Full-Agreement policy

We value your opinions. Please contact us for any requests.